othersocialnetworksareavailable.thecull (2012)

The phenomenon of the facebook cull, is now a part of a modern lexicon of language, a product of the way in which online social networks preserve relationships that would have otherwise unconsciously disappeared because of distance or neglect. The online social network presents us with brand new choices, the choice to befriend, to preserve, or to unfriend. It is this element of new choice that is the root of a new social ettiquette; the ‘facebook friendship’


‘the cull” presents several visualisations of online social space generated by data obtained from the online platform, Facebook. Using collaborator Samuel Dillon’s social network as a data set; compiling and categorising information that was publicly shared by his ‘facebook friends’, this series of works explore the changing physicality of a social network through the categorisation and documentation of an online action; a public facebook cull.


On the 5th July 2012 Jones and Dillon culled 242 people from Dillon’s facebook friend list.