Church of Bitcoin (2017)

For Church of Bitcoin the gallery space is transformed into a ‘sacred space’ consisting of sites for ritual and digital worship. Visitors are invited to participate in a pseudo religious mass inspired by sub-reddit and bitcoin forum discussions that propose the forming of a new religion centred around the cryptocurrency Bitcoin.


The proposal of a Church of Bitcoin is presented here as an analogy of the rituals of contemporary culture; investment in the non-material through content creation and the constructed online identity, mass connectedness alongside radical individualism, a replacing of human agency with trust in the algorithm, a culture which through the tools of technology seeks transcendence, stability and revelation.




Missa Cantata

Audio, 10 minutes 18 seconds



Record of all transaction / Knower of all ownership

Printer, listing paper, computer, MDF



Digital decentralised peer-to-peer worship

Mixed media



Is something missing in your life?

Leaflet carousel, paper