Church of Bitcoin (2018)

Shown at 'WTFuture?' as part of the Victoria & Albert Museum Friday Late programme:

"Church of Bitcoin imagines a future where the traditional architecture of faith and belief are displaced by trust in the ‘infallible’ 'omniscient’ machine. Participate in a pseudo-religious mass constructed from sub-reddit and forum discussions where users proposed a new religion formed around the cryptocurrency Bitcoin."


Displayed in the European Galleries within the permanent sculpture 'The Globe' by art collective Los Carpinteros. The Globe is a response to the theme of Enlightenment and makes parallels between the classification of human knowledge, and the panopticon; a prison of knowing. Church Of Bitcoin is a response to the same theme relocated to our new age of enlightenment, an age of big data and artificial intelligence and trust in the machine to know all and make us free.




Missa Cantata

Audio, 10 minutes 18 seconds



Record of all transaction / Knower of all ownership

Printer, listing paper, computer, MDF



Is something missing in your life?

Paper, perspex