altORGY0.1 (2014)

alt orgy a definition: a virtual group sex act between three or more avatars controlled by the same person


A collaboration with music producer Peter Humphrey, altOrgy0.1 is a multi-layered installation of text, sound, video art and sculpture. A collage of pop culture detritus: incorporating pop music videos, lifestyle articles, web forum discussions and luxury branded items, remixed and reconfigured within a 'New Olympus', a contemporary vision of paradise.


Inspired by Second Life, ‘the largest ever 3D virtual world created entirely by its users’, the artists have used the in-game phenomena of the ‘alt orgy’ as a metaphor and a model for distilling everyday media into their most condensed form.


altOrgy0.1 delves into some of the paradoxes of contemporary culture; a culture that draws power from forbidden experiences whilst declaring nothing forbidden, that uses the most advanced technology to exploit our most primitive desires and that plays the message of liberation on endless repeat.


It’s powdered pop: just add nauseum.